Our Intellectual Property Law Firm (Patent Attorney and Certified IP Lawyer) offers the following services regarding trademarks (e.g. in Germany and Europe) and is ready for your inquiries:

Representation at Trademark Offices by European and German Patent Attorney:

  • National, regional and international applications for trademark registrations (trademark prosecution and registration) (e.g. German Trademark registration at German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich, European Trademark / Union-Trademark / “EU-Trademark” (ex: Community Trademark) at EUIPO in Alicante, International Trademark at WIPO in Geneva)
  • Handling of notifications of provisional refusals (for Germany and the European Union)
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Cancellation proceedings (e.g. due to non-use)
  • Renewal of trademark registrations, payment of maintanance / annual fees
  • Assignment / transfer of trademarks (application / registration)
  • Procurement of priority document and trademark certificates
  • Applications for change of register (e.g. change of ownership, changes of name and / or address, adjustment of the list of goods and services)

Extrajudicial and judicial representation (enforcement and defense of claims) by Patent Attorney and German Certified IP Lawyer:

  • Authorisation enquiry (German: “Berechtigungsanfrage”)
  • Warning letters (German: “Abmahnung”) due to trademark infringements as well as (modified) declarations to discontinue (German: “Unterlassungserklärung”)
  • Contractual penalty due to violation of declaration to cease and desist
  • Interim injunctions due to trademark infringements / trademark violations
  • Law suits concerning trademark infringements
  • Cancellation suits

General services:

  • Trademark consulting and development (e.g. developing trademark strategies)
  • Trademark searches (by us or with assistance from external specialists)
  • Trademark monitoring and collision monitoring (by us or in cooperation with external specialists)
  • Monitoring terms of trademarks
  • Supervising trademark portfolios
  • Drafting of contracts regarding trademark sales and buys
  • License agreements for trademarks (negotiation, drafting)
  • Delimitation agreements
  • Notices of title protections
  • Cooperation with IP law firms around the world

Feel free to contact us for further information.