Patent- und Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB
Im Schlosspark Gern 2
84307 Eggenfelden

Phone: 0049-8721-98240-00
Fax: 0049-8721-98240-01

Note: The sending of information or documents (e.g. via fax or email) is not sufficient for a client relationship, since this is only established by the explicit acceptance of the firm.

The partners of our German Patent and IP Law Firm can be regarded as follows due to their professional experience and qualification: German Patent Attorney, German Patent Lawyer, European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney, German Trademark Lawyer, European Trademark Lawyer, German Attorney-at-Law, Certified IP Lawyer, specialist intellectual propert lawyer, German Patent Agent, German Trademark Agent, Patent and Trademark Agency etc.

We help our domestic and international clients and colleagues e.g. with the following matters:

  • If they want to apply for a patent, utility model, trademark or design, e.g. at the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO in Munich), at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO in Alicante) or at the European Patent Office (EPO in Munich).
  • If they have questions about unfair competition law (advertising law), copyright law, internet law (online law / webshop law) or social media law (e.g. “Facebook law”, “influencer advertising”)
  • If they have problems on Amazon with third parties on the AMZ marketplace (e.g. ASIN suspensions, product blockings, Amazon brand registry)
  • If they have received an authorization request, warning letter (with cease-and-desist declaration and declaration of obligation), preliminary injunction or lawsuit or would like to send or file these themselves
  • If they are looking for a lawyer (patent attorney, trademark attorney, attorney-at-law, specialist attorney for industrial property rights) for the registration, enforcement or defense of their rights or have a question for examination