Our German Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm (Patent Attorney and Certified IP Lawyer) offers the following services regarding IP Consulting (e.g. in Germany and Europe):

In addition to the registration of intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks and registered designs / design patents, our German Patent and IP Law Firm with German Patent Lawyer / European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney and German Attorney at Law (Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) offers a variety of different consulting services for companies in Germany and further countries. Due to our many years of experience and the successful support of hundreds of different companies from various industries, we are familiar with the need of the companies and will be happy to assist you with various topics in the field of intellectual property rights.

Our offers can be especially interesting for medium-sized companies without their own patent department, in order to (more) professionally regulate the topic of intellectual property rights. We can help the responsible persons in the company, such as the company management, the in-house lawyers in the legal department or the respective IP managers with various questions.

We offer our individually coordinated services for our own clients as well as for companies that already work with another external Patent Attorney.

Simply contact us free of charge and without obligation so that we can coordinate the next steps after a brief needs analysis!

Offers of our German Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm in the field of IP consulting:

  • Development of (worldwide) IP-strategies (selection of suitable IP rights and application strategies, IP strategy consulting) and assistance in implementing the IP strategy
  • Assistance in building of an IP-portfolio and optimization of worldwide IP portfolios
  • In-house presentations and seminars
  • Coaching in IP topics
  • IP-Audit
  • In-house trainings on the subject of intellectual property rights
  • Coaching on various topics of industrial property protection (IP coaching)
  • Support with new developments from identification of protection possibilities to legal protection (e.g. support of inventors as well as coordination with external patent attorneys, if necessary)
  • Assistance on the subject of German Employee Invention Law / Arbeitnehmererfindungsrecht (ArbnErfG) (e.g. examination and evaluation of new inventions, correspondence with inventors, support with employee invention incentive compensation)
  • Contact for general questions and comprehensive support on various IP topics
  • Management of IP portfolio (patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, domains, etc.)
  • Strategy concerning the protection of trade secrets, know-how protection and protection of company secrets
  • Preparing of expert opinions concerning legal questions and potential legal problems (e.g. prior to product launches or new promotion measures)
  • Expert opinion concerning violation of IP rights
  • Surveillance of IP rights of competitors
  • Assistance in evaluation of IP rights
  • Assistance in monetization of IP rights (e.g. in sale and licensing of protected rights)
  • Outsourced IP department (external patent department)

Simply contact us free of charge and without obligation so that we can coordinate the next steps after a brief needs analysis!

The IP Law Firm (Patent Attorney and Certified IP Lawyer) offers the following services regarding Antipiracy (e.g. in Germany and Europe):

  • Development of (worldwide) protection and defense strategy against product pirates
  • Application for national and international border seizure proceedings (e.g. according to Custom Regulation (EC) no. 608/2013)
  • Handling of border seizures until destruction of the goods and further legal proceedings against the persons involved
  • Cooperation with Customs, police and public prosecution departments in various countries
  • Trade Fair IP Service (protection of intellectual property rights during trade fairs and exhibitions)
  • Internetsurveillance / online monitoring of trade platforms (search for fakes and counterfeit goods (patent, trademark and design infringements) e.g. on ebay, iOffer.com, Alibaba.com), social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) and onlineshops
  • Monitoring and test purchases at shops and markets